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technical and engineering services in the field of international knowledge to offer native user. And is now considering the value of customer-oriented, professional and diligent use of the most prestigious companies in the field of intelligent building the country.
standards-based applications BACnet, LON or KNX be established:
Published a two-volume reference book in the field of building management (BMS) and intelligent building standards.
• Certified by International KNXpartner, ASME member.
• experienced engineering staff having specialized departments specializing in different areas of design, planning, selection and procurement of equipment, training, supervision of erection and commissioning of intelligent building management systems include:
Department of Engineering Design
Technical supervision department
Department of Marketing and Sales
Department of Education, Research and Development
Under the terms of feasibility and needs assessment approach to energy management and value engineering projects
Has a strong resume in major construction projects and companies accredited by the experts and professionals in more than 100 projects
• Provide engineering solutions regardless of the brand with the world identify and correct use of open standards in each project
• Has the program and timing for technical teams, supervised and implemented with the aim of completing projects on time
• High-power design services, supervision, training, equipment selection, planning, installation and commissioning of BMS in different fields:
Home automation (Home Automation)
Control Units (HVAC Control)
Lighting control (Lighting Control)
Online access control (Access Control)
Control parking (Parking Control)
Network Control Audio (VOIP)
Surveillance and fire alarm (Fire & CCTV)
Systems Network (IP Network)
Integration (Integration)
Projects with an emphasis on project management standards (PMBOK)
Also according to the country's need for energy saving, Department of Education, the company organizing specialized courses and workshops intelligent building management systems specialized in the field of the consulting engineers, contractors and employers respected.

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